Covid-19 Measures

Keeping Your Children Safe

In light of current guidelines surrounding COVID-19, we wanted to let you know what to expect from our children’s ministries in 2020.
On arrival, children will be required to sanitize their hands and take their seats,
which will be spaced out according to social distancing guidelines.
⏩ Bright Hour children (Nursery-P3) will enter the building via the main church door and be brought to the coffee area by their leaders.
⏩ JAM children (P4-7) will enter via the courtyard and meet in the church hall. This requires parents escorting their children around the back of the church (down the left side of the main building), where you will be met by JAM leaders.
We would appreciate if parents arrived promptly at 8pm to these 2 separate areas to collect their children, while maintaining social distancing. If you have a child in both groups, please collect your youngest child first.
It would be great if you could encourage your children to use the toilet before arrival, to minimise movement during our time together. Talk to them about how things might be a little different to normal.
We realise that things will be different, but we hope the children can enjoy JAM and Bright Hour as much as ever. We can’t wait to praise God and learn more about Him!
Pray for safety, for fun and for growing to know Jesus more at a time when we need it most!
If your child, or anyone in your household, display any Covid-19 symptoms (high temperature, new or continuous cough, loss of appetite or smell) please DO NOT send your child to our ministries.  
In the event your child receives a positive Covid-19 test result and has attended one of our meetings in the past week, please inform us as soon as possible:
Contact Pastor Ian Grant on or on 07813785624.